Blue Ocean Strategy at ImpactHub Barcelona

Blue Ocean Strategy at ImpactHub Barcelona

 Blue Ocean Strategy at ImpactHub Barcelona.  Workshop on October 14, 2014.

Impact HUB Barcelona is an international network of entrepreneurs to generate social impact. One of the activities is a «Business clinics» to discuss strategic ideas to make your project more viable.

This session was about the «Blue Ocean Strategy», looking for projects without competition. You can see the concept in my own blog

The class has been very practical, with a visual introduction on the blackboards about this business methodology. In the second part, each entrepreneur has developed his own Blue Ocean for his project. The aim was to discover the three main topics that makes your project different from the competition and that open new horizons of non-yet-customers.

vision pedagogica de la estrategia

Three projects have explored their Blue Ocean  ¿Qué pasaría si 1.000.000 de jóvenes encontraran su inspiración? Eugenia i Lidey.  Agència de marketing digital a Barcelona. Carles.

Josep  Vizcarro, with a project of a magnetic turbine to solve the energy problems.




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