Practical tools to build your business

Practical tools to build your business

Practical tools to build your business, Labor market in Spain is not creating all new jobs needed to reduce the high unemployment level. Young and senior workers are forced to build their own freelance job, but they have not yet the skills to be a successful entrepreneur.

In the other site, there are passionate entrepreneurs who want to change the world that need some help to define their projects and turn them into a viable company.

«Practical tools to build your business » is a 10 days seminar for both collectives as it will give them the tools to turn their dreams to a profitable business.


The main objective of this seminar is to help entrepreneurs to develop their business plan. In particular:

  1. To give a “Business tool box” to entrepreneurs to make them easy to build a Business Plan.
  2. Practice the main startups keys to increase the success probability.
  3. To understand that to be an entrepreneur is a learning process.


At the end of the course «Practical tools to biuld your business», the attendants will obtain:

  • A practical “tool box” to build and develop their own business.
  • A global vision about the main aspects to be checked to run a successful startup.
  • The most important elements to write a business plan to attract customers and investors.

Contents & practices

The 10 topics are based on each day of class. First point at 9:30h, second item after the break.

  1. Starting point. How is your strategy up to now
  2. The team. What are the strengths of yourself & your team?
  3. Customers’ segmentation. Who is your main customer?
  4. Customers’ needs. What are the needs, pains and gains of your customers?
  5. Exploring solutions. Which products or services will fit with customers’ needs?
  6. Competitors’ analysis. What are doing your main competitors?
  7. Define the main strategy. Do you have a disruptive business model?
  8. Validate your assumptions. What are your assumptions about the business?
  9. Economic hypotheses. How to calculate the main economic topics?
  10. Communication. How to sell your project to customers, employees & investors?


Calendar: From July 6th to 17th. 10 days from 9:30 am to 1:30 pm.    40 hours (4 h/day).

Place:  Edifici Rubí+D    Rambleta Joan Miró, s/n.


  • English: The course will be done in English (oral & writing). An intermediate level of English is required to be able to speak in English in the classroom.
  • Visual thinking: Most of the units are based in “Design thinking” methodology, to enhance the power of the images, draws, charts, etc. Large paper sheets (DinA3), post-its, blackboards, etc. are used in the classroom.
  • Collaborative: Each participant will make their own work, but in small groups and in wide group, many of the topic will be shared.
  • Practical: The theory is minimal, just to fix the concept. Most of the time in the classroom will be used to develop the “business tool” in each startup project.


Guest professors:

Main professor:

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